What is this “0 Euro” banknote?

A banknote, worth more than the note value.

This “0 Euro” note is currently used as a souvenir note in many countries in Europe. The concept of souvenir coins and banknotes was first invented in 1996 by Richard Faille of France. His aim was to create a coin as a souvenir for those who visit museums, tourist attractions, and parks. In 1996, he co-created the first souvenir coin with the government-owned company Monnaie de Paris, which manufactures euro coins in France.

Over the next 18 years, over 60 million coins were successfully sold. Later in 2015, he created the banknote with a company, that had a long-standing partner company with the European Central Bank. It is unique in that it has all the features of a typical Euro note. These souvenir notes also have a special serial number for each note. It is called the 0 Euro note because its value is 0.

Today, many countries in Europe have these 0 Euro notes, which are designed with images in special places in each country. They are worth more than 0 Euros. The value of the note varies from country to country.

Source: Euro Souvenir Banknotes

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