This is my story

Once upon a time,

I was a wildflower — Clandestine
With charm — Non could see


Some butterflies — Fly over me
Saw the beauty — Of my petals


They told — To the world
About my beauty — The taste of my nectar


I have a value — For my nectar
Also my beauty — Thanks to butterflies

Happily Ever After!


Hello everyone!

Thanks for choosing to know about me. You are all warmly welcome to Theewari. I am delighted to tell you about me. 🤗

I do not want much time from you to read about me. I have nothing a lot to tell about me. In a nutshell, I am a simple woman and I do not do any job other than traveling, writing, painting, knitting, cooking, eating and listening to music. …

A short story

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Photo by Alec Douglas on Unsplash

She was surrounded by many cameramen from various newspapers and TV channels. “Masha! Masha!” her fans shouted her name. She could not go one step further without the help of the bodyguards. Some of her fans tried to get her autograph, while others came up to her to take selfies with her.

Despite the hassle of the crowd, she faced every camera as she can. All of a sudden, she flashed her eyes because of the powerful flashlight of a camera. The next minute when she opened her eyes, she only saw the floral printed ceiling in her bedroom. …

Does it snow in Sri Lanka?

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Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

If you have read the “About Me — Theewari Dulandiya” post of mine, you might know that I was born in a beautiful country called Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is a country with a relatively warm climate. There is no snowfall in Sri Lanka. However, I have heard that sometimes snowfall in the town called Nuwara Eliya in Sri Lanka. During my childhood, I dreamed of staying in Nuwara Eliya when it snowed. Yet now I know that it is just snow dust and that it melts quickly.

When I arrived in Estonia last year, it was snowing when I came out of the airport. The tiny snowflakes softly kissed my face for the first time. As I waited for the taxi to arrive, I collected little snowflakes into my palm like a child. …

The biggest advantage in Europe is the ability to travel through many countries easily.

I have visited pretty much around Estonia before. Recently I went to a city in another country. It was Riga, the capital of Latvia.

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© Theewari

There are many ways to reach Riga. By car, bus, train, or plane. I took a bus directly to the city of Riga from Tallinn. It’ll take around 4.5 hours to reach Riga.

Let’s see what I saw around Riga city. I saw this Freedom Monument in the distance when I was heading towards to the Riga Old Town. This Freedom Monument is for the heroes killed in action during the Latvian War of Independence. …

Estonian Song Festival

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By ToBreatheAsOne — Flickr

Every country we know and have heard of has fought day and night for independence. Yet, can you imagine a country that sang for freedom day and night? Yes, there is such a country. That is Estonia. Estonia is located in northern Europe. Estonia was part of the Soviet Union before full independence.

Estonia Ancients have started a singing festival as part of the Estonian national awakening. This festival was first held in 1869. Only male singers have participated in this festival, and they sang only Estonian songs. …

A short story

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Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Mary, the love of my life. I met her from the dating corner of a well-known newspaper in the country. Before her, I only received letters to the base from my mum.

One day, when I finished my training sessions, I started to read a newspaper. It is quite hard to read a newspaper with my buddies. That day they all received at least one letter from their families. My mum did not send me a letter that day. Hence I read that newspaper. My friends had always talked about the dating corner of the paper. On that day, I just checked that corner of the newspaper. …

Any nature lovers?

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If you want to take a picture like this one, you should go into a dense jungle. But I took this picture from standing in a little forest which is near to a small town in Estonia. Here that adorable small town.

A short story

Nature gives us what we never expected. Sometimes, it is for the better, but sometimes, it is for the worst. It all depends on how we loved nature.

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Image by Stanly8853 from Pixabay

Some time ago, Mr. Peter lost his job. As a result of increased illness, which had occurred a little while ago. For this reason, Mrs. Peter had to bear all the expenses of the family. Mrs. Peter is a journalist with the local newspaper. However, after selling their home, they moved to a new home that is smaller than their former home. Due to lack of money, they wanted to save money for Mr. Peter’s treatments.

Their newly purchased home had everything that Mr. and Mrs. Peter wanted, except for the littleness. The house was located at the corner of the street and had a harvest garden and picturesque surroundings. Most of the time, they spent time in their garden. There was an enormous oak tree a few meters away from their bedroom window. They preferred to spend more time in the shade of the oak tree. When Mrs. Peter writes, that oak tree provides better shade for her writing desk in their bedroom. …


Theewari Dulandiya

Hello everyone! You are all warmly welcome to my page.🤗

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