A short story about the wonderful thing of fate.

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Jayden and I attended the same primary school when we were young. Our school had five classrooms per grade. So we were not in the same classroom. Therefore we never talked to each other. In short, I do not remember his face at that time. In time, he moved to a new school. I stayed in the same school.

As time went on, we reached our teenage years. In those days, I enjoyed school time pretty much. I did all the extra curriculum works in school beyond the subject matters. I had plenty of friends other than Jayden. However, I always heard a lot of tittle-tattle about Jayden from my friends. According to my impish friends, he had a girl’s eye-catching look. I saw some pictures of him among my friends. At a glance, he had a dashing and handsome look. In the opinion of my friends, he was an arrogant guy because of his image. Frankly speaking, I was a little curious to talk to him. …


Someday the pain of love will be felt in the heart

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I will still be waiting for you
Sitting on the beach
In the place
We met earlier
We will meet again
To be apart

Among the rough waves
Crashing on the beach
Slowly whisper
Our stories
After the wave goes
Back to the sea
White sand whisper
Our stories

You are following me
As a sigh
When I was patiently
Facing loneliness
You smile me
As the sun and the moon
When I looked up at the sky
If a beautiful view of the ground
Your appearance shines there

I closed my eyes
For not to see you
You came to me
From my dreams
I locked my heart
You can not come
You came to me
As a thought

Heart is crying
Strength of mind and body
Not enough
To talk with you
Say goodbye today
Without getting angry
Our love story is over

A Poem

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image: KindPNG

Unknown though
The two of us
Started in one place
The journey of life

Even if by fate
We parted ways
A wonderful thing of fate
Our relationship is

The same freedom
Parents gave me
You gave me
With love and comfort

The time we spent
As lovers were least
You proposed to me
Be your bride

That short time
Spent as your girlfriend
I felt that
You are the one

Regretting the time
Before you met
I took your hand
Without delay

A poem

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Image by: Lilly’s guardian angel

For a moment
I went to heaven
I met an angel and
She whispered to me

“Go Back to Earth,
One of the angels on earth is
Waiting for you ”

All went black
That is all
I can remember
From heaven

Suddenly, I heard
Some voices called
Lilly! Lilly! Lilly!
I did not bother

Sinking in excruciating pain
I slept more comfortably
I felt someone
Rubbed me softly

Slightly I opened my eyes
Could not see clearly
But saw that angel
From heaven

I was on her lap
She rubbed me softly
Called me Lilly
Still could not see her…

A poem

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Photo by Austin Guevara from Pexels

I don’t want to win
In this world now
Once you are gone
But I still love you

It is not my fault
You left me alone
But I still love you
My dream of love

You hadn’t enough reason
To reject me like this
I don’t hate you
But I still love you

When a cold night
You came to my mind
You took someone’s hand
But I still love you…

A poem

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Photo by yuksel kocaman from Pexels

White roses all over the face
Red roses all over the hand
Brides smile like flowers
She is the goddess of love

How pretty she is
In a white dress
Her face is bright
As the moon in the night sky

She becomes shy
With her beloved groom
In her new world
She will never be alone..

Can anyone live in their dreams..? Interesting..?

This post is for you guys. Today I’ll share with you my Second Home. Tallinn, Estonia. In December 2019, I finally achieved my dream of living in Europe.

Let’s get started knowing about the Tallinn. Tallinn is the capital of The Republic of Estonia where is located in Northern Europe. Tallinn is located in the northern part of the country.

Before you start to visit the Tallinn, you should know about the Tallinn City Card. Its a time-limited card to visitors. …

A poem

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Image by KindPNG

I was experiencing freedom
In the shade of parents

Like a bird in a nest
I am leaving someday

When the wedding bell rang to me
With my beloved husband to be

My heart is full of happiness
When even one moment thinking about it


Remembering mum, dad, and brothers
I will have to go with sadness

Theewari Dulandiya 2020

A poem

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Image: Pexels

My mind loves you
But lips can’t express
The heart is suffering
Emerging love can’t be said

What you heard and what you saw
Well known it’s my love
But you pretend
As not known

Why do you smile
When I looked at you
If you do not like me
Do you feel the same

Can’t you tell emerging love?

I do love nature. You?

When I walk through the Tallinn in Estonia, I saw this marked rainwater hatch. I thought that it would be great to share it with you. It conveys a big message to humankind. I do love the sea. If you a person who loves the sea or nature, don’t put the cigarette butts, plastic, or anything rejected by nature here. Also, if you want to know more about this, here it is.

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Image by Author


Theewari Dulandiya

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